Image of Giovanni

When Giovanni came to Broward Children’s Center, he was in a coma. He was in an accident and has been through so much. Gio couldn’t wake up, he couldn’t move. He had a halo and was in so much pain. The therapists, nurses and the entire staff at BCC gave so much effort to help Giovanni. The staff here really works great as a team and always went above and beyond to help Giovanni recover every step of the way.

It was very difficult watching my son go through so much. At times I would get upset and frustrated seeing Giovanni in so much pain. The therapists were very patient and compassionate with both of us and helped us to understand the exercises Giovanni needed to get well. It was good to have them there to explain things and help us cope with this difficult time. I knew in the end, it was to benefit Giovanni.

Broward Children’s Center always made me and my entire family feel very welcome. Even though we couldn’t have Giovanni home, we could still be with him while he recovered. The activities team always has great things going on and Giovanni loved joining in. They would always let Gio’s sister participate too. This meant a lot to us.

My family and I are very appreciative of all of the hard work, love and dedication that the Center’s team provided in helping Giovanni recover. When he came to the Center he couldn’t walk, talk, eat… He couldn’t do anything. Now, Giovanni is doing very well and we are so happy to finally have him home. In eight months, he has gotten so much better and we can’t thank the Center enough for bringing Giovanni to where he is now! It is amazing to see how far he has come and we are very excited to see him make a full recovery. Gio will continue to visit BCC for outpatient therapy. With all of my heart, thank you Broward Children’s Center!


-Monica Cabajal (Mother)


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