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We are very grateful for Respite because it’s not only for him, it’s for the whole family. It’s like our saving grace because it allows us to have individual time for our other kids. I’m in school and I’m able to drop him off, go do school work, and pick...

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Image of Giovanni

When Giovanni came to Broward Children’s Center, he was in a coma. He was in an accident and has been through so much. Gio couldn’t wake up, he couldn’t move. He had a halo and was in so much pain. The therapists, nurses and the entire staff at BCC gave...

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Image of Cas

I have had the privilege of having my son in your center, and I’m so pleased by everything your team does for my son. You show him that he is a part of greater family. A family that accepts him for all his differences and splendor. You show him compassion...

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