Recreational Therapy | Broward Children's Center

Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy at Broward Children’s Center incorporates the abilities and skills learned in other therapies,
into one experience; it focuses on developing individual motor and cognitive skills, while increasing coping and
social skills.

Recreational therapy is critical for our population, as it allows each individual to apply their learned skills in a social
and communal environment, rather than just at home or school.

We offer Recreational Therapy in both our residential and educational programs. Recreational Therapy activities

  • Sporting events
  • Outings to restaurants
  • Trips to local attractions
  • Plane rides
  • Movies
  • Fashion shows
  • Other social events

For additional information regarding Recreational Therapy,
please contact 954.416.2444 Ext. 106, to speak with our Therapy Coordinator.