Outpatient Therapy | Broward Children's Center

Outpatient Therapy

little boyOutpatient pediatric rehabilitation at Broward Children’s Center is provided by therapists who specialize in individual care. We evaluate and treat each patient using a child-centered approach, and we are committed to helping each patient reach his or her optimal level of function.

We offer flexible scheduling at our Pompano Beach and Dania Beach locations, with services including:

  • Physical Therapy – Includes assessment and treatment, focusing on enhancing core stability, lower
    extremity function, and gross motor ability.
  • Occupational Therapy – includes assessment and treatment for developmental impairments, fine motor
    skills, activities of daily living, sensory processing, and feeding disorders.
  • Speech Therapy – includes assessment and treatment of children with language, articulation, feeding, or
    oral motor delays. Speech Therapists target early communication development, speech production, and
    feeding disorders.

We collaborate with families, physicians, and specialized clinicians, to make sure that each child get the support
and state-of- the-art services they need to be successful. Our clinicians have the necessary training and experience
to help each child progress, and achieve, his or her short, and long-term goals.

For additional information regarding Outpatient Therapy Services, or if you would like to schedule your child to
receive Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy, please contact 954.416.2444 Ext. 106, to speak with our
Therapy Coordinator.