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Psychological Services

The delivery of high-quality Psychological Services is a priority at Broward Children’s Center. Our highly qualified
and experienced mental health professionals serve as a vital part of our medical team, providing transformational psychological services to the infants, children, and young adults that we serve.Psychological interventions, chosen by the mental health staff at Broward Children’s Center, are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Because psychology and behaviors are interconnected, age, developmental level, family involvement, religion, ethnicity, and cultural preferences, are taken into consideration when developing an individual’s treatment plan.

Younger residents typically receive mental health services often typical for their age, including : play therapy, behavior management, and staff consultation services. Older residents – teenagers and young adults – may receive services geared toward other types of interventions, including: communication, negotiation, assertiveness training, and problem solving.

Additionally, many residents often need assistance in the management of feelings associated with their specific physical injuries, or to help them adapt to the effects of their long-term disease progressions.

Our mental health services, both clinical and professional, make Broward Children’s Center unique among pediatric nursing-care facilities. We are especially proud of the high levels of expertise provided among our mental health staff, and are confident that the interventions provided at Broward Children’s Center will contribute greatly to the medical and behavioral adjustments, and emotional stability of the residents in our care.

Meet Dr. Carifio

Dr. Carifio and patientDr. Michael S. Carifio holds a Ph.D in the field of Clinical Psychology.

He has served as the consulting psychologist for Broward Children’s Center since 1993.

Dr. Carifio provides a variety of consultative
services for those we serve, including:

  • Psychodiagnostic Testing
  •  Assessment Related Services (i.e. Risk Assessments)
  •  Crisis Management Services
  • Psychotherapeutic Intervention Services
  • Treatment Planning
  •  Staff Training and Consultation
  • Program Development
  •  Policy Implementation

Dr. Carifio also conducts cutting-edge clinical research with doctoral-level students and institutional
review board from local universities, as part of their clinical practicum placements.
He has also authored numerous clinical papers, and has presented his research and results at the
American Psychological Association’s National Conventions.