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Family Strengthening

Broward Children’s Center’s Family Strengthening Program is built on an evidence-based national model known as
the Nurturing Program for Parents and their Children with Special Needs and Health Challenges (NPP Special

Our program provides families and caregivers with individualized, ongoing support and skills needed for parenting
a child with special needs. Through the support of a trained Special Needs Facilitator, parents have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the expectations and fears that come along with raising a child with special needs
  • Better understand your child’s diagnosis, development, and temperament
  • Enhance communication between you and your child
  • Increase the opportunity for positive communication and socialization for family and friends
  • Develop and build upon effective and positive parenting skills, disciplines, and teaching techniques
  • Learn coping strategies to minimize undesirable behaviors and stresses
  • Learn to establish successful partnerships and communication between your child’s providers

Children with special needs, and their siblings are also offered weekly sessions with a Special Needs Child
Specialist. Sessions are flexible and can be offered in-home or out of home, as needed.

Case management, Respite, training for family and friends, and other Advocacy services are also offered in
conjunction with this program.

Whether your child is newly diagnosed, or you are simply looking for a better way to relate to your child and
reduce family stress, Broward Children’s Center’s Family Strengthening Program can help!

For questions or more information and to Apply, please contact 954.999.3064.