K – 12 School Program

Broward Children’s Center operates a fully functional K-12 Public School Program in Pompano Beach, Florida. Our
residential Public School Program is approved by the School Board of Broward County for children who are
residents of our CompCare skilled nursing facility. State certified teachers utilize a research-based, online,
instructional curriculum to teach children:

  • Language
  • Communication
  • Math
  • Art
  • Functional Life Skills

Our staff understands that each student learns differently, and we have created an environment for differing
learning styles. Our teachers format program curriculum to best suit each child’s individual needs and abilities.
Students are taught at their own pace and comfort levels through innovative technologies, and effective sensory

Learn more about our classroom technologies in our Resources section,

For additional information about our Public School Program, please contact 954.943.7638 to speak to a BCC Representative.