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Developmental Preschools

Broward Children’s Center’s Developmental Preschools offer child-centered, developmentally appropriate
programs that facilitate individual growth, and prepares each child for further education. Our goal is to help
children with various challenges and abilities develop a lifelong love of learning and self. Programs are taught in a
loving, sensitive environment, allowing children to address issues of trust, self-esteem, and independence.

We view play as a child’s work and have built a curriculum around it. Our preschool classrooms have several
interactive centers where the child is free to explore under the guidance and supervision of his or her teacher.

Areas include:

  • Dramatic Play
  • Building blocks
  • Cognitive (Academic) Center
  • Discovery Center
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Sensory Area

Our team acknowledges that each child is different and has different levels of growth. We honor and value each
child’s development, as well as their life away from school. Families are always welcomed, supported, valued, and
listened to. We believe that together, at home and at school, we can educate children to prepare them for the

Additional preschool services include: Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapies, Family Activities, free
breakfast and lunch through the Department of Education School Lunch Program, as well as a snack program
through the Department of Health.


Pompano Beach

Our Pompano Beach preschool offers services based on individual needs, as a full special needs program.

Dania Beach

Built in 2010, our Dania Beach preschool is all-inclusive, serving 2 year-old school readiness children, as well as those
with special needs, ages 2 – 5.

For additional information regarding our educational programs, please contact our Preschool Director, Edith Moore, at 954.946.7503.

BCC’s Developmental Pre-Schools receives funding through Children’s Services Council of Broward County, for more information regarding more community resources click here.