BCC Academy Private School

Broward Children’s Center’s private school, BCC Academy, provides educational and therapeutic services for
children with special healthcare needs. BCC Academy offers a private school environment where children, K-5,
receive quality services through our network of health, educational, and therapeutic programs.

Our non-profit private school is specifically designed to meet the unique developmental and educational needs of
exceptional children, with moderate to severe challenges. Our state-certified teachers utilize research-based,
instructional strategies, through a thematic-based curriculum designed to teach children:

  • Language
  • Communication
  • Math
  • Art
  • Functional Life Skills

Various assessments and observations are used to set individualized educational goals for each child. Parental
input is encouraged throughout this process to incorporate supplementary goals, optimizing the child’s
educational experience.

Each child is places in a classroom based on his or her present level of performance. Our classroom ratios average
4 students to 1 adult, allowing each child to receive the personal attention needed to achieve their goals.

Our multi-disciplinary team of Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists, paired with our Health Care
Providers, are available for students requiring medical services that need to be integrated into the classroom.


Tuition plans are individualized per each student. We will work with families to help meet costs associated with
attending BCC Academy.

Another funding option is through the McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program, which provides
scholarships to eligible students to attend an approved public or private school of their choice.

To apply for this scholarship, please visit our Resources section.

For additional information regarding BCC Academy, please contact our Program Director, Denise Rusnak, at
954.943.7638 Ext. 105, or by email, at deniser@bcckids.org.