CIT | Broward Children's Center


CIT centerThe Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) is part of Broward Children’s Center’s Network of Care, located in
Pompano Beach, Florida.

Funded in conjunction with the Department of Health, through the Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program, this
transitional living facility offers a 90 day, CARF accredited, program to newly implanted DPS patients, providing:

  • 24-Hour Nursing and Respiratory Care
  • Daily Therapies
  • Ventilator Weaning
  • Interdisciplinary Care Plan Meetings

Additionally, community and clients have access to our state-of- the-art Assistive Technology Lab.

See a complete list of program eligibility and discharge criteria.

For additional information on the DPS device, please visit our Resources section, or call 954.943.7638 to speak to a BCC Representative.

DPS Eligibility Criteria

DPS Discharge Criteria

DPS Client Demographic Report