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A Time of Crisis Is a Time to Care

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While most of us have embraced the new daily routines of virtual office and distance learning, employees at Broward Children’s Center are redefining terms like strength, hope and love. The medical workers stand firm in their commitment to the children and young adults who reside in our care…even in a national pandemic. Nurses and therapists continue to work around the clock delivering services to children who need 24 hour medical care.

Those familiar with our work know that caring for medically fragile children and those living with special needs involves more than medical care. It encompasses therapy, recreational activities and social engagement that guards against loneliness and isolation. These programs are made possible through the support of corporations, individuals and foundations who donate to Broward Children’s Center.

When the decision was made to discontinue family and volunteer visits, it was heartbreaking to many sick children who long for connection. Health care workers cheerfully offered connection and hope by setting up virtual visits with family and friends.

It wasn’t long before supporters of the organization took action as well. Understanding the need for services to continue to be delivered to our most vulnerable residents through this time, supporters have found a secret door that bypasses all physical doors – LOVE. Broward Children’s Center supporters believe that LOVE WINS in spite of an uncertain future. With that, the support campaign, Love Is an Open Door has been created in the face of social distancing and lock down.

The door to in-person visits remains shut for the time being but the door of love and support is wide open for anyone who chooses to virtually walk through with an online gift of support.

DONATE $10, $25, $100 or any amount NOW to ensure the most vulnerable children continue to receive the hope and care they desperately need.