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CIT Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Diaphragmatic Pacing System (DPS)?
A Diaphragmatic Pacing System, more commonly known as a DPS, consists of four implanted
electrodes and an external battery operated pulse stimulator. The pulse stimulator regulates
movement of the diaphragm muscle, causing it to contract and expand, thus developing natural
breathing tendencies.
Benefits of the DPS include:

  • Reduced risk for respiratory infection
  • Decreased number of hospitalizations
  • Increased independence
How is the Center for Innovative Technology different than a traditional hospital setting?
CIT is a transitional living facility much set up like a residential home to better acclimate both the
patient, and caregiver(s) to living in their community, while still receiving nursing and respiratory
Can family visit?
Yes! In fact, after the first month of enrollment, the primary caregiver(s) are required to spend
time training with Broward Children’ Center staff to ensure the client has a safe and successful
transition back into the community.
How do I get myself/my loved one/my patient referred to The Center for Innovative Technology?
Please contact our Referral Coordinator at 954.649.7362 for information on how to start the
referral process.