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Board of Directors

The purpose of a governing Board of Directors at Broward Children’s Center is to provide the organization with leadership, direction, and oversight. Our Board is responsible for maximizing our organization’s ability to achieve our mission by accepting and acting on the legal corporate authorities given them to govern.

Our Board members must:

  1. Commit to knowing, understanding, and actively supporting the mission of Broward Children’s Center, and being an advocate for the organization.
  2. Prepare for and participate in the annual board meeting, quarterly board conference calls, and committee assignments.
  3. Provide input for the evaluation of the executive director.
  4. Participate in the governance, strategic planning, and implementation of the strategic plan to achieve the mission of the organization.

The Board also has key roles and responsibilities in the fundraising processes, both as a group, and individually, including:

  1. Giving an annual financial gift through the Give or Get Policy.
  2. Being personally involved in fundraising on behalf of Broward Children’s Center.
  3. Consider sponsoring or committing to fill one full sponsorship at a BCC event or fundraiser.
  4. Participating in BCC events by attending and inviting others.

Give or Get Policy

Each board member is expected to generate a minimum of $1,000 in contributions to Broward Children’s Center on an annual basis. Contributions may include personal giving and/or donations from friends and business associates within the context of fundraising events or otherwise. This expectation may be met through a combination of mechanisms including but not limited to:

  • Personally serving as an event sponsor,
  • Recruiting new event sponsorships,
  • Obtaining silent auction items,
  • Obtaining gifts from your church, synagogue, civic, and/or professional associations
  • Getting a matching gift from your employer,
  • Host a BCC party in your home or business, asking your guests to make a financial contribution,
  • Identifying, cultivating, and personally participating in meetings with prospects in which they are, asked to make a gift to BCC

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