1971 | Broward Children's Center


Broward Children’s Center was founded in 1971 by Marjorie Evans, under the name Broward Captivated Child Care.
The original goal of the organization was to provide services to children with profound disabilities for up to six hours a day.

Throughout the entire 1970’s, the program progressed from 6-hour days, to 12, and eventually at the urging of the state, became a 24-hour care facility.
The first program of its kind in the Southeast region of the United States operated as a residential habilitation center serving 25 children.
The day program acted as a childcare center serving approximately 30 children, and was originally located at NE 21st Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

After recognizing that only providing child and medical care was not sufficient to meet the needs of population we serve,
Broward Children’s Center’s first preschool program was birthed.

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